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Application Instructions

(937) 222-4422

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A business Plan may be submitted at any time to:

900 Kettering Tower
Dayton, Ohio 45423
Phone: (937) 222-4422

All proprietary or confidential business data must be marked as such. Potential submitters who wish to discuss the process may contact NCIC at 937-222-4422. All funding requests must be accompanied by the following information before the review process can begin.

Business Plan: A well written business plan should be submitted, which describes the proposed business, explains what will be done, who will perform various responsibilities, and how, when, and where the business will create a growing business.

Financial Information: The business plan should include projected financial information on the business.

NCIC Release and Indemnification Form: The NCIC Release and Indemnification Form is required to be executed by each submitter to NCIC, and is to accompany the business plan.

Resumes on Company Management: Resumes and past employment history are required for each key management and technical person involved in the project. Normally these are included in the Business Plan document.