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Venture Capital for early stage, technology based companies.

NCIC CapitalFund is an early stage investment company.  We invest in emerging, growth-oriented, technology-based companies.

Since June of 1995, NCIC CapitalFund has made 59 rounds of investments in 29 companies totaling over $15 million.  Our investments have been leveraged with an additional $60 million in co-investments.

Our investments have ranged from $200,000 to $1,000,000 with an average of  $500,000 per company.

Core Requirements

Management Team: We prefer a complete team, that has prior business building experience. This team should have the ability to understand the product or technology and to manage for growth. We prefer teams that have an "exit" mentality and a financial stake in the company.

Aggressive Growth: We look for companies in significant markets that demonstrate a growing demand for the technology and project realistic growth opportunities. We prefer companies that have an existing customer base or that are on the verge of commercialization.

Competitive Advantage: We expect companies to have a sound technical base and a sustainable competitive advantage. We prefer companies that have secured a proprietary protection for their intellectual property and have plans for subsequent technical and product advances.

Investment Guidelines

Minimum Investment $200,000
Maximum Investment (Initial Round) $750,000
Total Investment (Per Company) $1,500,000
Geographic Limits Ohio/Indiana

We expect to exit within 48 months and always welcome co-investment opportunities.

NCIC Capital Fund
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